Wednesday, 25 April 2012

N9: App: GAuth available for download

My first real mobile app is available for download now from GitHub and hopefully soon from the Nokia Store.

Update: Here's a screenshot. I couldn't add this from my phone where I usually blog from.

It's an implementation of the Google Authenticator for the N9.

This is the one killer app I needed to convert to my N9 fulltime from Android.

It generates the same codes as the Android version and can be used, for a single account at the moment in the same way.

I hope this is of use to some N9 users out there.

For more information read the details at GitHub (it's open source) and download it from there too. Note that you must have Unknown sources turned on in your application settings until Nokia approves.

I have my own ideas but I am soliciting for what I should try to port next. Please leave comments!

Monday, 23 April 2012

N9: A trick to get pyside-assistant to build into a Nokia store-compliant path

I'm experimenting with building applications for the Nokia Store on N9.

My current foray involves using PySide in Python.

PySide provides an incomplete harmattan package template in their pyside-assistant tool. Incomplete in that its output would not pass QA on the Nokia Store.

Nokia Store requires that your application's files live under /opt. However pyside-assistant, through python distutils, installs at least the python scripts to /usr instead. (It seems to be following whatever your Python system is set to - I'm on Ubuntu 11.04 and that is what I get.)

However by making a symlink on your computer from /usr to /opt/packagename and adding the line:

sys.prefix = sys.exec_prefix = '/opt/packagename'

The resulting package is rooted in the /opt folder instead.

(Of course there are other more trivial changes that must be made too, and I have yet to try for QA on this application.)

Hope this helps someone.