Thursday, 27 October 2011

More work done on Gitter

I have made more changes to Gitter. UI changes this time, no Git improvements yet.

I figured I would add a Browse button to view/edit files in the checked-out repository would be nice, so there it is.

And my commit log got longer than my screen, so I had to introduce a scroll bar.

I don't predict much work on this soon - it's a long weekend here and I'm driving next week :(

Same address as before to download.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Android-on-Android workflow so far

With the release of the first of my SL4A scripts, I thought it beneficial to document how I got here and what I'm using.
I'm using a lot of existing Android applications and gluing them all together, which is Android's biggest strength.
Firstly, the core applications are the programming environment.
SL4A is the scripting environment and text editor.
Py4A is the Python interpreter.
I'm using Github which likes Markdown documentation, so for this I use Epistle as a simple WYSIWYG editor.
I'm using IconReader2 in my layouts to use built-in Android icons in my scripts.
I'm using Hacker's Keyboard for typing. It gives a full keyboard including the Python-critical Tab key. And it fits okay on my 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab.
And of course I'm using the Blogger app to make these announcements on my blog.
I use the ASTRO file manager for those duties, including its ability to create and modify zip files that I use for distribution and to enable the Android browser to upload any file (though seemingly except for zip files).
I tried using the (Google) Docs app for uploading but I found its multiple versions support lacking and a little unreliable.
In stark contrast the app supports both of these including in-app sharing. (At this point I cheated and used my iPhone to sign up for Box because you'll get 50GB this way right now.)
I then use the Urly app to make short URLs from the ones.
And my Samsung Galaxy Tab is powered by Overcome 7 Series Gingerbread.
Then I use my Gitter script just released to update my Git repository, a script I designed with the help of the UI Builder I've made, which is soon-to-be-released.
All of the above have my recommendation.

First published script: Gitter

UPDATE 2: And it should be fixed now. Note that I think there's a problem with timezones on commits but that's only a minor annoyance for me. It will affect you if Gitter isn't the only committer to your repository.

UPDATE: I'm a dummy. I've just learned after committing the source code that directories are trees in Git. Fixing this now. This affects the Commit button.

Okay so I promised this a little earlier but I haven't been carpooling until yesterday.

This is the first of the Android-on-Android scripts. It allows you to have a Git repository on your phone and optionally synchronized with a remote server such as Github.

It is very simple but I might expand it over time. It only supports the master branch and doesn't merge well.

Here is the script package. You will first need to install SL4A, Py4A, PyCrypto, Paramiko and Dulwich.

The source code will arrive shortly in my Github account.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Android-on-android Project

Here's what I'm currently working on:

I'm toying with programming on Android but with a twist - I'm trying to do it all from my Samsung Galaxy Tab. This way I can do it anywhere. It's something my iphone doesn't offer and that I've recently become aware of through the SL4A scripting project and the many modules of Python.

Soon I will post some of the software I have been using and what I think of them and then I will follow this up with my first scripts.

The first scripts are building block development tools that make it easier to make more scripts in the future. Let me know what you think.