Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New version of GAuth... Long awaited features

Thanks to everyone for their support for GAuth.

This week sees a new update coming.

The main trigger for this is that Dropbox has added two-factor authentication compatible with Google Authenticator, and I'd fallen behind because a user pointed out the GAuth wasn't working with it.

That kicked me into gear! Thanks to Max on this blog for pointing it out (I'm not a big Dropbox user yet).

Then of course, if people get the update, they'll be adding Dropbox to their GAuth. Which would've fallen foul of the fact that GAuth only ever supported one account at a time. Yes I know I was asked about this a while ago. But it's fixed now and that's what matters.

And then over on a fan has contributed an inverted theme icon for GAuth. So I thought I'd return the favour with a simple tweak to add an inverted theme mode to GAuth. Simply enable it in Settings after installing the update (unfortunately I can't swap over the icon as easily - you'll still have to do that yourself).

So after 1000 downloads on the Nokia Store alone I give you GAuth 1.4. Available now on GitHub* and soon in the Nokia Store via an automatic update to your phone (hopefully within the next week).

* Note that you have get the update the same way you installed the previous version. If you have the Nokia Store version, your phone will not allow you to update to the GitHub version. Do not uninstall your version because you will lose your tokens! Just wait for the update notification, won't be long I promise.