Tuesday, 25 October 2011

First published script: Gitter

UPDATE 2: And it should be fixed now. Note that I think there's a problem with timezones on commits but that's only a minor annoyance for me. It will affect you if Gitter isn't the only committer to your repository.

UPDATE: I'm a dummy. I've just learned after committing the source code that directories are trees in Git. Fixing this now. This affects the Commit button.

Okay so I promised this a little earlier but I haven't been carpooling until yesterday.

This is the first of the Android-on-Android scripts. It allows you to have a Git repository on your phone and optionally synchronized with a remote server such as Github.

It is very simple but I might expand it over time. It only supports the master branch and doesn't merge well.

Here is the script package. You will first need to install SL4A, Py4A, PyCrypto, Paramiko and Dulwich.

The source code will arrive shortly in my Github account.