Saturday, 21 May 2005

More Tiger impressions

(A test of Blogger Mobile) With Tiger, it is more the small things that count.
I've noticed Finder is faster and feels more robust than in the past. The ability to extract tar gz and bz2 is very nice - I haven't had to install StuffIt Expander yet. Only downside is that it does not delete the intermediate tar file meaning a lot of to'ing and fro'ing with the Trash.
The power management options have been improved.
Yet again my iBook misses out with display rotation, something I really would have liked for reading eBooks.
Safari's new built in PDF reader is great, but lets me down by not having a Save option in the right click menu.
I'm sure I'll think of more (just remembered the programmer's Calculator is great and Grapher is very cool but Apple why is it hidden away in Utilities?) Don't expect a comment on Mail though, I'm tied into Entourage.