Friday, 20 May 2005

The obligatory first post

Hi readers (I hope this is more than just me!)

Let's outline what I propose to do here. I want to use this blog as a way of storing techniques that I use for doing things that might not be trivial (technically) and that are fun. I also want to (selfishly) have a storage location for all of these things so I can refer to them later.

Most of this content will be Mac and Linux (and hence tech-based) related, but I might throw some other things on here -- but you should be able to filter out what you want to see. I'll be linking this to my digg ( account as well.

On to the real first post -- I got Tiger this week and I want to make some comments about that.

PS. The transit part of the name? Well, I plan on blogging to this from my 'phone (via e-mail) from time to time. I get a LOT of time in transit.