Tuesday, 25 April 2006

My long weekend

What did I get up to on my long weekend? Well I made myself an auto-shuffling audio DVD. This took a long time to figure out, but the result was worth it -- I just throw the disc in any player and I have (so far) 84 tracks that randomise themselves continuously. With all the nice stuff that DVD offers like a menu to turn off shuffle if I want to focus on an album, and album art and the name of each track on screen. (Almost) all with free software. Go Linux!!!

That and I have hacked apart my new IPCop firewall box adding cool stuff to it (hopefully without reducing its effectiveness too much).

I'm very impressed especially with IPCop. Look out for me to post some instructions (and packages if you're lucky!)

Have I also said how much I love Xbox Media Centre (link to news updates)? Okay, okay that'll do for now...