Thursday, 2 August 2007

WE WON! Nokia Multimedia Transfer v1.1 Beta

I notice today that Nokia has released v1.1 Beta of its Nokia Multimedia Transfer application for Mac OS X (renamed - previously just Nokia Media Transfer).

And it's got some great new stuff buried under the hood... and this deserves some big text:

Nokia Multimedia Transfer now directly supports iTunes Plus files!*

Thus making my Plus Music Fixer redundant for Mac users, as well as my profile hacks -- Windows users, I suggest you keep an eye on any updates to Music Manager/PC Suite because this means at least part of Nokia is aware of the problem.

It also fixes up some of the profiles, especially for those phones that do not have a camera, such as the E61.


  1. The name change to Nokia Multimedia Transfer means any custom profiles you may have used will need to be moved once you upgrade because a new Application Support/Nokia Multimedia Transfer folder has been created instead (your mileage may vary: the update might be nice and rename it instead of creating a new one).
  2. While NMT now handles the iTunes Plus case, it still forces a transcode as a means of avoiding the issue. However it appears to convert the music losslessly and with much of the metadata intact, which is awesome!
  3. NMT caches the transcoded songs, so you need to keep enough disk space free while it transfers.
  4. The metadata, while fully preserved, is in iTunes format and many phones don't read that. Plus Music Fixer v2.0 can still be used to resolve this.

All in all it's a massive usability improvement and I thank Nokia for hearing our cries and fixing the problem (especially on the news that Nokia plans to launch its own music download offering which conceivably would compete with iTunes).

I suggest you get the update NOW - you can choose to update directly from the NMT menu, and for extra sanity, if you have any N-Series or E-Series phone it is now directly supported, so delete any old profiles you have installed. Note that those still wanting to use my profiles (ie, for the older/newer phones in the 6-series) they may need to be updated. Leave me a comment if they don't work as-is.