Tuesday, 12 June 2007

More E-Series Profiles for Nokia Media Transfer

Update #1: Adding E65 profile...
Update #2: Adding E50, E90 profiles...

I promised that if you send them I'll post them for everyone. I've got to go to work soon so I can't bundle them up nicely however here's what I've received: thanks and keep e-mailing them in...

  • Nokia E61 (my version)

  • Nokia E61i (thanks Leo!)

  • Nokia E65 (thanks Adrian!)

  • Nokia E70-1 (thanks Alice!)

  • Nokia E50 (thanks Harshal!)

  • Nokia E90 (thanks Juha!)

I've also re-uploaded the E61 one without the installer so it can be more easily modified (and if the installer doesn't work).
I'll update this post when I've got more (or when I get better download space) - for now I point you at my GeoCities page for the download links.

Update 12/08/2010: Changed link to GeoCities mirror.