Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Testing E90 profile (or What to do sans XCode)

Update #1: Juha reports this is working, so I've moved it into the other list.

I am uploading a untested E90 profile for JuhaN in the comments.

This should work on an E90, but I'm yet to see (I just have the one phone...). So for now treat it with caution.

However it brings up the point that I assumed everyone who wanted would simply have XCode. The main reason why you need XCode is because Nokia's profiles are in binary format.

I believe Nokia's tool will accept either format (though I've been superstitious and left them all as binary).

Once they are text-based, you will be able to (carefully!) edit the profile with TextEdit or similar.

To make them text-based, run plutil -convert xml1 nameof.profile and plutil -convert binary1 nameof.profile from Terminal. Note that you won't need to do this on this particular testing profile (it's been done). I assume plutil came with Mac OS X and not XCode but I'm not sure.

Grab the test profile on the linked page.

Update 12/08/2010: Changed link to GeoCities mirror.