Friday, 15 June 2007

Nokia stuff: What's next?

Brilliant effort everyone -- in less than a week I've got submission for almost the entire E-Series range plus more. The comments are worth reading on some of these posts for the phone information that Nokia Media Transfer will work for. Proves to me that Nokia's compatibility warning for the tool is purely political. Let's see if they will get their act together and support more phones out of the box soon.

Also we've had iTunes Plus fix - I've been working this workflow to death on my own music. Commenter Bill reports that the Perl libraries (Audio::M4P::QuickTime) have been updated and AtomicParsley is aware of the change made by Apple. This means that there might be a more robust way than mine to fix the songs soon. (Note that I don't expect AtomicParsley to accept my non-standard metadata hack, so don't go looking for that just yet...)

I'm going to be working the phone angle still. For example I'm looking at right now an AppleScript (sorry Windows users) that will work from inside iTunes to fix selected music. I'm also working on making the iTunes support in Nokia Media Transfer even better (for example, you'll notice I haven't offered a way to change Nokia's default bitrate when it transcodes songs/videos, I'm working on that).

What a great way to (somewhat suddenly) kickstart the blog too. And it proves that I need to get a better webhost -- I apologise for inflicting the GeoCities two-click download process on everyone, but that's all I've got right now.