Saturday, 21 July 2007

New Plus Music Fixer is nigh...

I'm so close to having a fresh exciting new version of Plus Music Fixer, some last minute tweaks held me back from uploading it before I had to go out. But it's looking good for being right here by Monday.

Should answer almost everything I've heard about, including copying metadata into the Nokia-friendly format so artists show up in Music player and the Gallery.

Note for those of you who have been requesting transferring the album name over, I've read over the specs of 3GP/MPEG-4 and for the version currently implemented on the phones, sorry no joy (tested on my E61). Those of you with phones in the N95 class might be able to read the album tag, seeing that they have a much newer software, but you'll have to try the new Plus Music Fixer and let me know. The same goes for album art (though at this stage Plus Music Fixer won't attempt to copy that).

Watch this space...