Sunday, 15 July 2007

Plus Music Fixer for Nokia Phones

Welcome to an extension of what a did earlier to make iTunes Plus songs play on certain Nokia phones.

This time around I've made a fixer that doesn't require you to mess around with the songs in iTunes or on your computer first.

Update #1: Fixed bug in 3rd Edition installer, updated link.
Update #2: Fixed bug with special characters in files and folders, updated links.
Update #3: New version makes this version totally redundant - check this out instead.

This is made possible by the work of the Python for S60 project which allows simple programs to written for the phone (much simpler than normal!)

This means that to use this fixer, you'll need to install Python for S60, version 1.4.0 or later, followed by my tool, on your phone. This will work for Nokia S60 2nd and 3rd edition phones, but the downloads are different so select the correct ones below.

Note: For simplicity, I'm providing direct links to Python for S60, you can view the downloads via this link (check especially for updates since this post was written). Also note that I provide the 2nd edition links as a courtesy to those of you who I know are using these phones - while the code is identical in both, the 2nd edition version has not been tested. Check here (or in my previous post) to discover the 'edition' of your phone. Lastly, note that some browser/web site combinations cause .sis files to download as text - right-click the links and choose Save/Download.

Update: Please don't download these - go get yourself v2.0 instead - thanks!

S60 3rd Edition (most E-Series, N-Series):

  1. Python for S60 v1.4.0
  2. Plus Music Fixer v1.1.0
    (Note that this installation is self-signed - click Continue when warned by your phone)

S60 2nd Edition (earlier models):

  1. Python for S60 v1.4.0 - 2nd Edition/original or Feature Pack 2 or Feature Pack 3 phones
  2. Plus Music Fixer v1.1

Now my idea with this tool is that you will run it after adding a batch of music to your phone (eg, via the memory card or USB) or after a song fails to play in Music player. When you start it from your menu, it will proceed to scan your phone and any memory card for .m4a music files that may need fixing. It will then tell you whether fixing is required. You can then choose to fix all or selectively by pressing the left softkey (Options) and choosing from the menu options. Fixing takes no time at all.

As always I advise against doing this to your master copy of your music, however I assume that your phone is not your master copy, and often has limited space, so this tool will not create its own backups and you are responsible for backing up your music.

The rescan menu item is useful for repeating the scan after fixing files to verify they were actually fixed.

If an error occurs a message will be shown. A Python error will lead to an "errors.txt" file being stored in the Documents folder of your phone memory (if this exists) which you can view (using Notes) or send (using File manager) to me (please).

Future plans:

  • Also optionally convert iTunes metadata so that it may be viewed in Music player
  • Working on a Music player replacement for those phones that have limited versions of the application (ie, E-series phones)
  • A better icon

This application is made possible thanks mainly to AtomicParsley's description of iTunes files.