Sunday, 8 July 2007

Updating my E-Series profiles

Thanks to an update from Nokia, I'm going to pump out some more profile updates. Since Nokia has now released more E-Series profiles (and maybe there will be more on the way) which more closely match the target devices, here are some better profiles.

Manual install I'm afraid -- never did work out the kinks in that installer.

Here is a new E61 profile based on the identical E61i profile provided by the update, with the modification of passing through .m4a files (for iTunes), and changing the video to 320x240 (don't know if this has any impact, not sure why Nokia chose 352x288 for a 320x240 screen).

If you are upgrading simply replace the old e61.profile in Library/Application Support/Nokia Media Transfer/Profiles, or if this is your first install, copy it there, delete /Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Nokia Media Transfer/Devices.plist, restart Nokia Media Transfer and choose Add Device...

Here also are some more rough tips for you if you are manually editing profiles:

  • If you want to use your phone with multiple machines for music, try making the paths different (they are in the profile) between machines. For example, change "iTunes Folder" to "iTunes Folder 2" on the second machine.

  • The codecTypes under supportedAudioCodecs are FOURCC codes - you can translate these by using Mac OS X calculator (copy the number across with the Calculator in Programmer mode and toggle the ASCII button). This is useful for modifying profiles to other phones.

  • To determine the correct model name and number, enter *#0000# from Standby on your phone.

  • To determine the official specifications of your phone, look for it in the list here.

Willing to make more profiles -- for example this profile would work on an E62 if I got the model number. If you want to help me out, leave the results of *#0000# in the comments below.